8 Ways to Improve Your Erection

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality, Erectile dysfunction Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: March 23, 2013
08 Best Ways to improve your erection

Have you ever lost your self-respect in front of your partner due to an erectile dysfunction? If yes, this blog post is solely dedicated for you. Men all over the world has been suffering from erectile dysfunction problems for ages and this is one of the most prominent cause behind 10% of breakups. There are endless treatment methods, ointments and devices available in the market to pump up your volume, but the bitter fact is that we are blessed with whatever God gave us. As you grow older, you will strive hard to get a proper erection and it will be difficult to satisfy your partner. Poor sexual life will affect the quality of your life to a great extend and it will hurt the balance of your physical intimacy. And the most disgusting factor is that, poor erection will question your pride and you will feel inferior in front of your partner. But don't get dishearten, If you are ready to follow some realistic tips, you can maximize your erection to a great extend. Always remember, a strong and hard erection blended with love is the only thing which a women wishes during bedtime. So, try to follow the steps given below for a fully satisfying sex life. 1) Eat good food: Your food habits play a crucial role in maintaining the quality of your sex life. Simple changes in your diet will help you to increase your libido and it will make your penis as strong as a rod. There are certain foods which are known for their sexual magic. They are bananas, onions, eggs, drum stick, leafy vegetables and meat. Intake of ghee and dairy products will also help you to enhance your sexual life. 2) Avoid Smoking: It has been scientifically proven that smoking is one of the major villains behind erectile dysfunction. In a recent study, it has been evidently proven that smokers have 30% less libido when compared to non smokers. Smoking will reduce your blood circulation and it will decrease your lung capacity. Regular smoking will decrease your...
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