8 Themes of Ap Biology Relating to the Cell Membrane

Topics: Cell membrane, DNA, Gene Pages: 3 (747 words) Published: January 9, 2012
8 themes of biology relating to the cell membrane

Science as a process:
Science is a process which encompasses many methods in order to reach a final conclusion. This relates to the cell membrane because it carries out many processes to reach a final product. For example, the cell membrane forms a barrier between the inside of the cell and the outside, so that the chemical environments on the two sides can be different. The cell controls those differences to optimize the working of the organelles inside the cytoplasm. The cell also causes brief changes in the internal environment by transporting proteins and other materials across the membrane. These changes are the ways in which the cell responds to its environment. All these functions work together as a process to keep the cell happy.

The early cell membrane’s purpose was to enclose genetic material and protect it from the surrounding environment. The evolution of a membrane surrounding the genetic material provided two huge advantages: the products of the genetic material could be kept close by and the internal environment of this proto-cell could be different than the external environment. This breakthrough would have jump-started evolution to an organism much like a modern bacterium. Also, the modification of many membrane properties throughout millions of years made it possible for new evolutionary forces to show themselves in eukaryotes, dealing with the presence of cholesterol in the cell membrane directly associated to protein thermo stability.

Energy Transfer:
The cell membrane participates in energy transfer with active transport. The cell membrane moves molecules against the concentration gradient from low concentration to high concentration. This function requires energy, or ATP, to carry out the process. At times, the cell membrane uses a protein pump to channel the molecules for easier transport. Two types of active transport the cell completes are antiport and symport. To...
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