8 and 9

Topics: Time, Future, Past Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Saengnakhone Soukchaleun Unit 8&9
Try It!
Test a Test-Taking Test

Multiple-Choice Section
Matching Section

Fill-In Section
1.Test Anxiety
2. Erasing

True-False Section

Short-Answer Section

1. What kind of question will be on the test?, How it will be graded?, What the test will cover?, How much time you get on the test?, And how many question will be on the test? 2. An Academic honesty is when you turn in a work that is under your name and you did all the work yourself not someone else.

Essay Section

1. An advantage of using study group before you prepare for an examination is everyone in the group has different ideas and opinions about things. And that way you can understand more from eachothers point of view about certain things you might not understand or have question about. 2. Academic honesty is important because it is your work that you do and information you find out yourself and put into your own words for others to understand about, and not take someone else work and say its your own.

Journal Question

1. My attitude about myself are I need to push myself to do more, and better. Im ok I guess not too smart but ok in between. I am capable at anything if I put my effort into it. Yes I do see myself being successful in life because I will continue working hard. 2. I’m letting my past habbit control my present and future because when I look back and think about certain things I don’t attempt to try certain things in my present, and when I don’t attempt to try new things in my present it can alter my future in many ways.
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