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Topics: Ethiopia, Red Sea, Yemen Pages: 2 (293 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Asante Gilchrist History Cashman 11/15/12 8.3 The Kingdom of Aksum
Terms and Names
a. A powerful kingdom located south of Kush on a rugged plateau on the Red Sea, in what are now the countries of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

b. Adulis was the great trade center of Aksum.

c. A powerful king, determined to establish and expand his authority, Ezana first conquered the part of the Arabian peninsula that is now Yemen.

d. He was a rebellious warrior and conqueror from Samarkand in Central Asia.

e. Terraces, or steplike ridges constructed on mountain slopes, helped the soil retain water and prevented its being washed downhill in heavy rains..

Using Your Notes
2. Their methods of controlling water are used today.
Main Ideas

3. They were near the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, making it easier to access the world.

4. When Ezana finally became ruler of Aksum, he converted to Christianity and established it as the kingdom’s official religion. While his mother ruled the kingdom, a young Christian man from Syria who had been captured and taken into the court educated him

5. To escape the advancing wave of Islam, Aksum’s rulers moved their capital over the mountains into what is now northern Ethiopia.. Critical Thinking and Writing

6. They developed a strong trade, which led to a strong society. This helped the people with everyday needs of life. It deemed the entire population satisfied.

7. Aksum’s new geographic isolation—along with depletion of the forests and soil erosion—led to its decline as a world power.

8. Christianity strengthened Aksum. The establishment of Christianity was the longest lasting achievement of the Aksumites. Today, the land of Ethiopia, where Aksum was located, is home to millions of Christians
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