8.09 World History

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  • Published : June 7, 2012
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What do you Know about the Holocaust?

Holocaust- it comes from the Greek for a burn sacrifice or burnt offering. It was an event in the 1930-1945 that resulted in mass killing of Jews, Gays, Gypsies, and various other ethnic and religious minorities that live in Nazi Germany, or Nazi controlled lands.II.Want to Know What do you want to know about the Holocaust?

Who, What, When, Where, and WhyIII.Learned
what you have learned about...
1.The Holocaust Defined?
The Holocaust was the genocide of around 6 million Jews during World War II by the means of state-sponsored murder in Nazi Germany.

2.Why it happened?

It happened for many reasons. Hitler hated the Jews for several reasons: a) He believed that the Jews were responsible for the 'great stab in the back' after WWI b) He felt Jews were overrepresented in many highly paid jobs such as Doctors, Lawyers... c) He blamed them for both the inflation crisis of 1921 and the Great Depression of 1929


Kristallnacht or the 'Night of Broken Glass' was sparked after the assassination of a German diplomat by a Jew in Paris. Hitler ordered the SS to go round and smash the windows of many Jewish owned houses and businesses. Almost every synagogue was destroyed. 91 were killed and over 30,000 were sent to Concentration Camps.

Ghettos were special 'neighbourhoods' set up for the Jewish people and some other undesirables to be confined to. The largest ghetto was the Warsaw Ghetto. Here Jews lived in harsh living conditions before being sent to extermination camps.

5.Concentration camps?
Concentration Camps or Extermination Camps were special bodies set up for the mass extermination of Jews and other undesirables. At the Wansee Conference in 1942 the 'Final Solution' was agreed upon: the mass extermination of Jews. At first the Nazis used Death Squads who killed by shooting and bombs but this method proved to time taxing and Hitler was also worried...
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