8.02 Wwi Causes and Alliances

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  • Published : March 29, 2013
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8.02: World War I: Causes and Alliances

WWI Timeline:
How did the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and the rise of Nationalism combine to spark WWI?

Question Responses: After his assassination, making Austria-Hungary declare was on Serbia. Then it was a domino effect, caused by all the pride for an individual's nation and the support from the countries allied to them.

My Reactions: It's the same for every war...something major happens, then everyone goes crazy. A grudge from years past is used to instigate resentment towards the opposing side, and once added to the recent event, the press riles everyone up and then people start killing each other.

Discuss two other main causes of World War I from the MANIAC chart and how they are connected.

Question Responses: Militarism and Competition; they go hand in hand. One army enhances itself, the other does too. One economy enhances itself, the other does to. Everyone is always racing to be the best.

My Reactions: It's the flawed human nature within us all that wants to be the best. After a while of being behind....in second place....extreme measures are taken.

Trench Warfare and New Technology
Describe trench warfare and the new technology.

Question Responses: Soldiers dug trenches that sheltered them from opposing sides, but machine guns and other advanced weapons were used continuously. Warfare became a lot less point and shoot, and much more explosive.

My Reactions: As technology advanced, so did ways to die. The bombings and automatic weapons killed so many men...and operation was relatively simple. It's kinda sick, honestly.

Lesson 8.03 And the World War I Begins

And the War Begins...
What is the significance of the First Battle of Marne?

Question Responses: The German loss of this battle halted their plan to take Paris quickly, which led to the three year long trench warfare.

My Reactions: This was both a positive and negative...it slowed the...
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