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Free Question Papers For Class 7th Cbse Maths
CBSE MATH STUDY: CBSE 7th Maths Question Papers |Sample Papers  7th Ratio and Proportion
Complete the following statements using the help box:
1. The comparison of two quantities of the same kind by means of division is termed as __________. 2. The two quantities to be compared are called the ________ of the ratio. 3. The first term of the ratio is called the _________ and the second term is called the _______. 4. In a ratio, only two quantities of the __________ unit can be compared. 5. If the terms of the ratio have common factors, we can reduce it to its lowest terms by cancelling the _____. 6. When both the terms of a ratio are multiplied or divided by the same number (other than zero) the ratio remains _________ .The obtained ratios are called__________. 7. In a ratio the order of the terms is very important. (Say True or False) 8. Ratios are mere numbers. Hence units are not needed. (Say True or False) 9. Equality of two ratios is called a __________. If a,b;c,d are in proportion, thena:b::c:d . 10. In a proportion, the product of extremes =___________

Help Box:
1) Ratio 2) terms 3) antecedent, consequent 4) same 5) common terms 6) unchanged, equivalent ratios 7) True 8) True 9) proportion 10) product of means 1. Find 5 equivalent ratios of 2:7
2. Reduce 270 : 378 to its lowest term.
3. Find the ratio of 9 months to 1 year
4. If a class has 60 students and the ratio of boys to girls is 2:1, find the number of boys and girls. 5. A ribbon is cut into 3 pieces in the ratio 3: 2: 7. If the total length of the ribbon is 24 m, find the length of each piece. 6. The ratio of boys to girls in a class is 4 : 5. If the number of boys is 20, find the number of girls. 7. If A : B = 4 : 6, B : C = 18 : 5, find the ratio of A : B : C. 8. A bronze statue is made of copper, tin and lead metals. It has1/10 of tin , 1/4of lead and the rest copper. Find the part of copper in the bronze statue. 7th Direct variation and indirect variation

In direct variation, when a given quantity (x) is changed in some ratio then the other quantity(y) is also changed in the same ratio. Then x/ y = constant In Indirect variation, when a given quantity (x) is changed in some ratio then the other quantity(y) is do not changed in the same ratio. Then xy = constant  It can be stated that if two quantities vary inversely, their product is a constant 1. Choose the correct answer

i) If the cost of 8 kgs of rice is Rs 160, then the cost of 18 kgs of rice is (A) Rs.480 (B) Rs 180 (C) Rs 360 (D) Rs 1280
ii) If the cost of 7 mangoes is `35, then the cost of 15 mangoes is (A) Rs 75 (B) Rs 25 (C) Rs 35 (D) Rs 50
iii) A train covers a distance of 195 km in 3 hrs. At the same speed, the distance travelled in 5 hours is (A) 195 km. (B) 325 km. (C) 390 km. (D) 975 km.
iv) If 8 workers can complete a work in 24 days, then 24 workers can complete the same work in (A) 8 days (B) 16 days (C) 12 days (D) 24 days
v) If 18 men can do a work in 20 days, then 24 men can do this work in (A) 20 days (B) 22 days (C) 21 days (D) 15 days
1. If x varies directly as y, complete the given tables:
x| 1| 1| | | 9| 15|
y| 2| | 10| 16| | |
2. If x varies inversely as y, complete the given tables: x| 20| 10| 40| 50| |
y| | | 50| | 250|
3. A car travels 360 km in 4 hrs. Find the distance it covers in 6 hours 30 mins at the same speed 4. 7 men can complete a work in 52 days. In how many days will 13 men finish the same work? 5. A book contains 120 pages. Each page has 35 lines . How many pages will the bookcontain if every page has 24 lines per page? 6. A car travels 60 km in 45 minutes. At the same rate, how many kilo metres will it travel in one hour? 7. A car takes 5 hours to cover a particular distance at a uniform speed of 60 km / hr. How long will it take to cover the same distance at a uniform speed of 40 km / hr? 8. 150 men can finish a piece of work in 12 days. How many days will 120 men take...
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