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Marketing and the 7Ps
A brief summary of marketing and how it works

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Marketing and the 7Ps:
A brief summary of marketing and how it works


What is marketing?
he Chartered Institute of


Marketing offers the following

Marketing is the
management process
responsible for
anticipating and

Every product we buy, every store we
visit, every media message we receive,

definition for marketing: “Marketing is

every choice we make in our consumer

the management process responsible

society has been shaped by the forces

for identifying, anticipating and

of marketing. The marketing process is

satisfying customer requirements

central to the business performance of


companies, large and small, because it
addresses the most important aspects

satisfying customer

It’s a bit of a mouthful, but it highlights


that the customer is at the heart of


marketing, and businesses ignore this

Today, as competitive pressures

— CIM definition

at their peril.

increase, marketing skills have never

In essence, the marketing function is
the study of market forces and factors
and the development of a company’s
position to optimise its benefit from
them. It is all about getting the right
product or service to the customer at
the right price, in the right place, at the
right time. Both business history and
current practice remind us that without
proper marketing, companies cannot
get close to customers and satisfy
their needs. And if they don’t, a
competitor surely will.
Marketing is sometimes wrongly
defined within the narrow context of
advertising or selling, but this is not the
whole story. Marketing is a key
management discipline that enables
the producers of goods and services to
interpret customer wants, needs and
desires — and match, or exceed them,

of the competitive marketplace.

been more highly valued by
organisations in both the public and
private sectors. What was once seen
as a departmental activity within
companies is now regarded as a
frontline business attitude of mind for
all employees. Marketing has played
a key role in many recent business
success stories — from
pharmaceuticals to airlines, sports
brands to food and drink, businessto-business companies to small, niche players.
The marketing professionals who
shape and implement marketing
strategy contribute directly to the
economic wealth of a nation. Their
skills attract and retain customers,
build sales and generate profits which
can then be reinvested as part of a
cycle of prosperity.

in delivery to their target consumers.
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Marketing and the 7Ps:
A brief summary of marketing and how it works


Why marketing?
o if you are already ‘doing’


marketing, what’s the problem?

Applying a simple
marketing framework
enables you to
identify which
activities are
effective and under
what circumstances.

you to identify which activities are
effective and under what

The issue is that not realising that

circumstances. You can then plan to

you’re ‘doing’ marketing makes it less

use them again when appropriate.

likely that you can repeat the activity
consistently over time. It’s not such an
obvious problem when your
organisation is very small, but
marketing 'on the hoof’ becomes less
feasible as you grow. Applying a

The advice elsewhere in this article
gives reasonable, practical
suggestions for marketing that will
enable you to build on what you are
already doing.

simple marketing framework enables

Marketing for small businesses

“I run a small business — how can I spare
resources for marketing?”
If you are in a small to medium size enterprise (SME), the...
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