7c's of Effective Communication

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When We talk about “ Effective Communication” one thing that comes in mind, what are the basic principles of “effective communication”. These principles tells us how your message can becomes effective for your target group, how easily the other group can understand your message. These principles of effective communication help us to avoid conflict at every level. These principles also tell about style and importance of the message.

These principles commonly known as 7 C’s of effective communication. If you are communicating without considering these principles and ignoring most of them then it might result in matters to get complicate.It would also create misunderstandings and these are often responsible for conflict from arguments and outcomes would be catastrophic.

Although they are just seven small words beginning with a letter “C” but their importance for effective business communication is equivalent as the importance of seven seas for the world.

Importance of the Seven C’s
The Seven C’s can be applicable for the both sort of Communication i.e. Oral and Written. To compose an effective Written or Oral messages, these Principles provide us the guide lines, that how an effective message can be written to stimulate the reader for the desired Output. The Seven C’s has a much wide scope because these are applicable for each and every one during the course of a whole day. Wheatear he is delivering presentation, attending meetings, participating in conferences, doing conversation with his/her fellows or he is chatting with someone online .They also prove to be significant during any game say,cricket. Now if a team leader cannot communicate effectively his message to his teammates then it is most probable the team members are not going to easily comprehend what is desired of them and I doubt that they are going to win. Message needs to effective.

“The message is said to be effective when the receiver understands the same meaning that the sender intended to convey”. For any communication in business, in order to be an effective, it must have these seven qualities. Conciseness:

Conciseness means “The message only contains the information only relating to the topic and don’t have any irrelevant information.” And writer also strives to make the small and simple sentence which are easily understandable by receiver. A concise message saves time of both the sender and the receiver. In a business message conciseness can be achieved by avoiding wordy expressions and repetition. Remember Achieving conciseness does not mean to loose completeness of message. Conciseness has a special value in technical fields. Writers are often tempted to include everything that could be relevan t to their subject, rather than merely everything that is relevant to the communication task at hand. The concise document is a piece of writing that conveys only the needed material. At the level of the whole document, conciseness is helped most by focus, the narrowing of document scope to a manageable problem and response. Preparing a clear introduction and developing a detailed outline[->0] are two strategies that give you control over document length and scope[->1]. Identify and eliminate material that is not necessary to support your claims. Look for sections, including appendixes[->2], Conciseness requires careful revising[->3]. Look for ways of cutting useless words, sentences, and sections from the document.

While composing a conciseness in message we have to bear following points in mind. oEliminate wordy expressions.
oInclude only relevant stuff.
oAvoid unnecessary repetition.
oAdd only relevant information.
o Stick to the point.
o Delete irrelevant statements.
o Avoid long introduction and Unnecessary explanations
o Talk to the point
o Avoid unnecessary repetition.
o Do not repeat the words or ideas unnecessary.

For Example;

§Due to the fact that
§In due course
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