7574-201 Diploma It Users - Unit 201 Question and Answers for Unit 225

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  • Published : February 19, 2012
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Question and Answers. Unit 201 - 7574-201 Mandatory Unit - Improving Productivity Using IT - Presentation Software Unit 225 Q. Why did you use PowerPoint?
A. I used Power point because it was the best way to display the data in a format that could be communicated effectively during the presentation. Q. What skills and resources would you need to complete the task? A. I needed power point skills to carry out the task and resources such as computer/hardware and other devices such as a camera for the photos that I took. Q. Describe how you planned the job.

A. I first looked and decided on the topic of the presentation, and then gathered all of the information and images required before making a start. I then created a master slide for the presentation then enhanced the presentation with animation, slide structure and transitions. Q. What were your strengths and weaknesses with using PowerPoint to complete the job? A. Adding the images, data and using the slide structure were my strengths. My weaknesses were importing graphs from excel and ensuring that the data was fully visable Q. How could you improve productivity and efficiency using IT? A.. I could improve Productivity and efficiency using IT by better planning of the job, using storyboards and draft copies on paper. Q. State shortcuts you have used to improve own productivity? A. Creating a Master Template. Ctrl and C for copy and Ctrl and V for paste to insert images and text as this is a much faster way of carrying out the task then using the functions within powerpoint. Q. What were the benefits and drawbacks of IT tools that were chosen in regards to productivity and efficiency? A. Power Point allowed me to display the information in a way that is interesting, the benefits of using a master slide saved time. The drawbacks of using the masterslide would be the creativity and workability of the area, it would be limited on every slide and also have the same images/colour/text on every...
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