724.7.1-02,04, 7.2-06,08, 7.4-01-08

Topics: Nursing, Nurse education, Nurse Pages: 4 (993 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Running head: 724.7.1-02,04, 7.2-06,08, 7.4-01-081

724.7.1-02,04, 7.2-06,08, 7.4-01-08
Anita Worley
NVT2 Nursing Roles and Values
November 27, 2012
Western Governor’s University

For my interviews, I chose a staff nurse from a medical progressive care unit named Kristi Fields RN and a nursing educator by the name of Katie Payne RN. Although both are nurses, their roles and educational requirements are distinct. Interview question 1

The staff nurse, Kristi Fields RN, is expected to provide direct patient care. She acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Her unique contribution to patient care is being a patient advocate. Kristi believes a big part of patient advocacy is keeping the line of communication open between doctor and patient. She feels it is the staff nurse’s responsibility to assist patients and their families in getting answers to their medical questions. The nursing educator, Katie Payne RN, is responsible for keeping staff nurses informed on the latest nursing education, supporting nursing in their yearly competency check-offs, and introducing new equipment to staff. Also, Katie is responsible for the scheduling and monitoring of nursing orientation. Katie’s position requires an MSN, but the educator may have a BSN as long as she is enrolled in a Master’s degree program. She will be expected to graduate with an MSN in nursing education. Interview question 2

The contributions both nurse educators and staff nurses bring to an interdisciplinary team are similar and distinct. The staff nurse takes a direct approach to patient care. Kristi works closely with case management and social work to provide the patient with the best possible outcome. Kristi states she ensures the safe discharge of her patients thru educating them on self-care. Katie, nurse educator, informs staff thru education, so that they may utilize these tools to educate patients in self-care; therefore, providing a safe discharge. Interview...
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