70's Fashion Awareness

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  • Published : January 9, 2011
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Title: Women’s fashion in America during the Seventies.

Specific Purpose: For my audience to have a better understanding of Women’s’ American fashion in the 70’s.

* Attention-getter: Do you ever wonder why fashion becomes fashion or how styles become popular? Coco Chanel, a famous fashion designer once stated, “Fashion is MADE to become unfashionable.” * Audience Motivation: We all are somehow interested in how we look which may have a lot to do with the clothes we wear. * Credibility: Fashion is a hobby of mine and being a child of a baby boomer, I have asked plenty of questions throughout the years which expanded my curiosity for learning more about the fashion of the 70’s. Preview/ Thesis Statement: Today, I will be covering the influences of Women’s American Fashion in the 70’s, popular styles, and the fabrics and colors of choice during this era.

(Transition: Let’s begin with American Influences.)

I. The seventies surfaced from the turbulent social and political changes of the late 60’s and became known as the decade of individual expression or what they called “The Me Decade.”

A. A symbol of self-expression came through dressing and was the most important factor in fashion. Anything goes was the motto and basically, anything did!

B. Politics, nostalgia, sex, and music all played important roles in defining the many different looks of the decade. Many people believed the seventies would see the decline in haute couture (the making of high fashion, custom fitting clothes). Recession, high unemployment, and inflation in the early 70’s meant many couldn’t afford to spend much on fashion. Even those who could afford it, didn’t want to spend money that way. So, for the first time, dressing down became more important than dressing up. In response to changing attitudes, designers began to focus on classic clothes, producing ready-to-wear collections that were more profitable for them....
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