7 O's of Marketing

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(a) Customers: educational institutes, organizations, home users. (b) Key Players: Logitech, Microsoft, HP, Dell
(a) durability,
(b) affordability (c) performance (d) brand name.
Bought for (a) efficient navigation of computer,
(b) Ease of operations (c) special use for animations, gaming, simulations etc
(a)Parents or self buying
(c)Procurement departments
(a)Market place -Cash or credit from retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers (b)Meta space – credit cards, electronics fund transfer and demand drafts ORIGINS of purchase:| Who buys it?|
OBJECTIVES of purchase:| What do they need/buy?|
OCCASIONS of purchase: | When do they buy it?|
OUTLETS of purchase: | Where do they buy it?|
OBJECTIVES of purchase:| Why do they buy it?|
OPERATIONS of purchase:| How do they buy it?|

Object marketing plays that hand and trumps it. It attaches words and text to the object that helps it make the selling proposition

Marketing Operations professionals are increasingly expected to develop and optimize marketing-related processes such as the budgeting and planning process; the lead management process; the process for integrating newly acquired companies; and the process for creating, reviewing, and distributing a marketing asset. As a result of this push to improve performance by developing and optimizing process,

Market object is any business element that enables or helps to enable an overall business objective. An example of a market object is an e-commerce web site. A market object can also be a smaller object within the larger parent - for instance, your shipping rules can be a market object within the larger market object, e-commerce web site. Market objects are usually referred to by companies that are experts in both marketing and technology. This is a new breed of consultancy which attempts to take full advantage of the newer marketing...
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