7 C's of Communication

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Seven C’s of Communication means to write or compose correct or effective messages by applying some certain rules or principles. These principles are known as seven C’s of communication which are as follows:

1- Correctness
2- Completeness
3- Conciseness
4- Clarity
5- Concreteness
6- Courtesy
7- Consideration

Each of the above mentioned C quality is discussed in wider aspect in below. Our attitude towards others greatly influences our communication style. Some important points to be kept in our mind while trying to have an effective communication:

Give full attention to people while they are talking to you. Encourage other people to talk, and ask appropriate questions. Present your ideas so that others are receptive to your point of view. Treat people fairly and let others know how you want to be treated. Value teamwork and know how to build cooperation and commitment. Show respect for people’s ideas and feelings, even when you disagree with them Accept differences and conflict as a normal part of any work environment, and know how to address them constructively Strive to understand other people and to be empathetic i.e. try to understand other person. Be open to negative feedback, and communicate difficult truths in a respectful way.

Be able to easily win people’s trust and respect.
Check to make sure you have understood what other people are trying to communicate. Be confident and at ease giving a presentation.
Avoid making absolutist judgments about people (e.g. “He/she is always that way.”) Follow through on your commitments.
Be able to work with people you having difficulties with without becoming negatively yourself.


Correctness means that there is no mistake of grammar, punctuation and spellings. All information should be accurate and timely. In our messages we should include fact words and figures, writing should be perfect and clean. If our message or documents is not of good level of correctness then it has no effect on reader so it may cause lot of difficulties. Hence the objective of communication will be failed. Double check your spellings and grammar. Proof read it before you send it.

Correctness comprises of the following points:

a. Using right level of language

There are different levels of languages which may be formal, informal, and substandard. Formal writings are usually associated with the scholarly writing, legal documents, and other documents where formality is the style in demand.

Formal and Informal Approach

More Formal: Participate. Less Formal: Join
More Formal: Interrogate. Less Formal: Question

More Acceptable and Substandard

Substandard: Can’t hardly, More Acceptable: Can hardly
Substandard: Irregardless, More Acceptable: regardless

b. Checking accuracy of figures, facts, and words

Many a times it is impossible to convey the message directly from the sender’s head to the receivers head. So this can be done to an extent by including figures and facts like as follows:

Verifying your statistical data
Double-checking your totals
Avoid guessing of laws that have an impact on sender or receiver Determine whether a fact have changed over a time.

Other factor is the inclusion of words that don’t confuse for example the following will help in clearing this topic.

Example :

Accept-Except: Here accept means to receive and except means to omit.


It means that our message should include all necessary facts and background information. It should include everything the reader needs for the reaction we desire. We should be answered all questions, gave examples if necessary.

Completeness comprises of the following points to be kept in mind

a) Providing all necessary information:

It means to provide entire information keeping in mind the readers point of view for their better understanding. It can be done by...
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