7 Year War

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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The war consisting of three names, known to the Europeans as “the 7 year war,” the Canadians as “The conquest,” and to the English Americans as “The French and Indian War.” The French and Indian War started in 1756 and lasted roughly 7 years.

It all started at “The Forks of Ohio.” Present day Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Both Great Britain and France hoped to get there first and take control of the land for themselves. The river was a natural highway for trade and both sides had their own plans for the land.

France formed alliances with the Native Americans who lived around their forts and would most often live and work along side of the natives taking in their way of life The river would be a way for them to travel faster for trade amongst other colonies, they built most of their trading posts along the rivers. The French traded amongst the Native Americans for valuable animal fur, which later they would send to Europe to be sold. Another reason the French became a great threat to Great Britain, they had and controlled more land. By 1700 the French land stretched from Canada, across the Great Lakes, down to the Mississippi River and to New Orleans. This and the wanting The “Forks of Ohio” themselves will be the cause of the war we know today as the “French and Indian War.”

The British, busy building their colonies along the coast of the Atlantic. These settlers were brought to America with the desire to become rich or to practice their own religious beliefs freely. Most of their living being made farming or trading. The British outnumbered the French due to the fact that they built more small villages and towns, bringing more British over in their conquest for riches. The vast number of British caused for them to move around in search for more land, moving them west, most often causing conflict with the Native Americans trying to protect their land.

Between the years 1689 and 1748 a series of three wars were fought amongst them both all for control of North America, in which neither side fully won.
On Great Britain’s side, a young twenty-one commander in chief was the start to the notorious war, firing the first shots starting the first true war, “George Washington.” The two armies collided near The Forks of Ohio in 1754 causing Britain’s victory over the French for a short period of time. Once French soldiers surrounding the area caught word of the attack they band together and went in search of George Washington and his men. The French soon arrived to find George and his men hiding in a stockade they had built to fend of the French soldiers, the stockade soon developed the name “Fort Nessecity.” Washington and his men soon out numbered caused the British to surrender and to their surprise was able to return home.

When this war began the French teamed with the Canadian colonists and their native alliances they traded amongst for years. The French proved loyal to the Natives over the period of time they conducted business together. This help make up for the vast outnumbering Britain had over the French.

Britain teamed with the American colonies and 4 of the 6 Iroquois Nations, who were not to fond of the French to begin with, due to the taking over their land and changing their way of life by driving out their game they used for hunting and destroying their crops.

1755, General Braddock, appointed general at the time led yet another attack...
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