7 Reason Why Pleople Leave a Company

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Vol. 27, No. 6 (2 parts), Part 2, June 2005 • Order # 27-15

How to Recognize the Subtle Signs and
Act Before It’s Too Late

By Leigh Branham

The Process of Disengagement
Pages 2, 3

Reason #1: The Job or
Workplace Was Not as Expected
Page 3

Reason #2: The Mismatch
Between Job and Person
Page 4

Reason #3: Too Little
Coaching and Feedback
Page 5

Reason #4: Too Few Growth and
Advancement Opportunities
Pages 5, 6

Reason #5: Feeling Devalued
And Unrecognized
Pages 6, 7

Reason #6: Stress From
Overwork and Work-Life
Pages 7, 8

Reason #7: Loss of Trust and
Confidence in Senior Leaders

In The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, employee-retention expert Leigh Branham knocks down the wall that separates employee from employer — and even management from senior leadership — in an effort to forge an open discussion on employee disengagement and what organizations need to recognize and actively pursue in order to retain their best and brightest people. Using a voluminous amount of interview and survey data, Branham isolates each reason, tells companies what to look for, and translates the needs and desires of employers and employees into a common language, enabling companies and their most valued human resources to better understand one another.

What You’ll Learn In This Summary
✓ How companies and employees can better communicate their expectations of one another.
✓ The importance of finding the right people to fill the right positions at the right time.
✓ Why coaching and feedback are critical to engagement and retention, and how companies can form deeper relationships with their people. ✓ What the new career realities are in today’s business climate. ✓ Why some managers are hesitant to recognize employees, and what senior leadership can do about it.

✓ How to help employees maintain a consistent work-life balance and minimize their levels of job-related stress.
✓ How managers can regain the trust and confidence of their employees.

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by Leigh Branham


The Process of Disengagement
Employee turnover is not an event — it is a process of
disengagement that can take days, weeks, months or even
years until the actual decision to leave occurs.
There are several sequential and predictable steps that
can unfold in the employee’s journey from disengagement
to departure. These are:
● Start the new job with enthusiasm.
● Question the decision to accept the job.
● Think seriously about quitting.
● Try to change things.
● Resolve to quit.
● Consider the cost of quitting.
● Passively seek another job.
● Prepare to actively seek.
● Actively seek.
● Get new job offer.
● Quit to accept new job, quit without a job, or stay
and disengage.
Many managers are so busy or preoccupied that they
wouldn’t notice where their employees were in the continuum if they wore signs around their necks that proclaimed “Trying to Change Things!” or “Becoming Less Engaged Every Day!” Managers need to better understand the signs of discontent before they lose their best and brightest people.

Why They Leave
Employees begin to disengage and think about leaving
when one or more of four fundamental human needs are
not being met. These needs are:
● The need for trust. Expecting the company and management to deliver on its promises, to be honest and open in all communication with you, to invest in you, to treat you
fairly and to compensate you in a fair and timely manner.
● The need to have hope. Believing you will be able
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