7 Layers of Lotu Security

Topics: Access control list, IBM Lotus Domino, Access control Pages: 3 (745 words) Published: January 28, 2011
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Server Domino has multilevel security. The highest security level can be achieved when you work with Domino server, using Lotus Notes (‘thick’ client). IBM says about seven security levels the following:  

• Network – this level works with network side (physical possibility); • Authentication – the process for “trust” connection establishing between the server and the applier; • Domino Server Security - this level deals with server documents access rights; • Database Access (ACL) - this level provides user access control to specific database; • Design Element Security - this level corresponds to limitations stated in access control list for design element (i.e. who may work with this design element). This list allows to limit the access to objects, based on specific design elements (for example, who can create documents by the form); • Document Security – access rights in Readers and Authors type of fields; • Field Security - data encryption for the fields with this feature enabled (Enable encryption).  

Except for the Network level, we can say for Authentication procedure that it is designed as a standard common certificates checking one. On Domino Server Security level in Server document stated rather big list of security parameters (starting from users group description to whom it is allowed or not working with the server till users which are server administrators with full rights allowed working with the server’s databases, omitting the next four security levels. Database Access (ACL) is installed independently for each Lotus Domino database and has seven main access levels:


• Manager – user/users group with access rights to change all database information, including database ACL, replication and local encryption settings; • Designer - user/users group with access rights to change all database information, including data documents and design elements; • Editor - user/users group with access...
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