7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

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Wisdom is an acquired quality. This gift of the Holy Spirt grows in and with you. Wisdom has little to do with looks. One may think a man who is old and bearded is wise because he appears like he has been through a lot in his life. People that have the gift of wisdom look past appearance and look within. In other words, they don’t judge a book by its cover. Divisions drive wise people crazy. This gift has nothing to do with being smart or right but everything to do with being real. People with wisdom can hear beneath the surface of others and are very patient. They do not allow other people to get under their skin.

My father, Joe Coelho is a very wise man. He has never been one to judge and bring down peoples self esteem. He is great with advice and tells you how it is. Arguments drive my dad crazy. He always says “life would be easier if you were just friends.” He is a great thinker. When ever I ask him a question it takes him a few minutes to answer because he thinks so hard about it. He never lets anyone get under his skin. He is very strong and has great fortitude. If I ever need to know what to do in a situation my dad has the best advice. Even thought I may not completely agree with him at the moment, I know that his advice is what’s best for me to listen to.

There have been many situations when my fathers gift has shown greatly. For example, I was having a really tough time with my very close friend and I didn’t know what to do. My friend was listening to rude remarks her other friend was saying about me. Of corse the first person i turned to for advice was my dad. He told me that I need to let the situation go and that I can only control my self. He also told me not to waist my time. This is just one small situation when my dads gift of wisdom touched my life. Understanding

An understanding person is a peaceful person. This gift of the Holy Spirt is needed for any good relationship. They are great listeners and can put them themselves in your shoes. The gift of understanding doesn’t always mean this person will agree with you. Understanding people evaluate the situation and understand your point of view. Understanding people tune into what you have to say. To make peace, you must come to an understanding with people. This is why understanding people are very peaceful.

My God mother, Christina Rollin is very understanding. She is a peace maker and a role model for me. When ever I need to let something out she is always there to listen. She understands what I am saying because in many of the situations, she has been in my place. Christina is a great listener and she always engages deeply in what I am saying. She never seems to judge me by what I tell her because she knows I am am an emotional teenager. Another great quality about Christina is that I can trust her with anything. When I say, “Please don’t say anything!” I know she never will. She never made me tell her anything I didn’t want to. Also she never doubted me. She never gave me the short end of the stick in any situation. Christina always looks at the glass as half full rather then half empty.

One small example of when she showed understanding is when I wasn’t having a very good day at home and I needed some one to talk to. Of corse she was there with her arms wide open to give me a huge hug and tell me that everything will be okay. Then when I was ready to tell her what was going on that day she listened and gave me advice from a mothers point of view. She might not have totally agreed with what I was saying but she understood where I was coming from. Courage

Courage is rooted in the heart and comes from the heart. Dictionary.com defines courage as the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear. People with courage set a goal and reach it by not letting anything get in their way. People that have the gift of courage are faithful. They are not violent. With great courage comes...
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