7 Essentials of Business Communication

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The 7 essentials of business communication
There are many ways to communicate, but for it to be effective the message must be given and understood clearly. There are many varieties of communicating e.g. * One way communication from sender to receiver.

* two way communication from sender to receiver, receiver feeding back to sender, consists of meetings and interviews etc, * Informal communication is casual meetings and party’s etc. * Open communication which requires no specialist knowledge and is easily understood, * Closed communication which is an organizations language that is well understood by individuals within the organization. * Body communication is the body language expressed when communicating. * Vertical communication is information passed down from the management to the lower levels or suggestions passed upwards, keeping management informed. * Horizontal communication is information exchanged between individuals on the same level, * Telephone is a popular way of communicating, techniques have changed over the years allowing a wider variety of ways to communicate e.g. internet, social networks, smart phones and video conference.

The 7 elements of business communication are:
1. Structure – is procedure used by organizations to achieve its objectives and stabilization, when correct strategies are met the business will control and communicate successfully to benefit the company as a whole. Each company has its own way of organizing structure to meet the needs required, for large organizations the structure is broke down into groups/departments to maintain management. Structuring your communication is highly important and has to be easily absorbed and understood, it consists of 3 structural elements: an opening, body and close: Opening allows the audience to understand quickly, the communication must be to the point, sharp and short. Body language must be appropriate and expressed well to achieve the desired...
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