7-Eleven Japan Business Domain

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| Assessing Business- IT Alignment|

Rosa Kemper
Cohort 27

Dr. K. Cousins
February 17, 2013

Table of Contents

I - Executive Summary/Overview
Baptist Hospital
a) Mission Statement
b) Vision statement

II. Information Technology:

a) Mission Statement
b) Vision Statement
III. The Business As-Is:
Business Scope and Value Discipline

IV. Information Technology AS-IS:
IT Infrastructure and Scope of Business

V. Assessing Business Strategic Alignment and Maturity:
IT To-Be
Business To-be

VI. Evaluation of Strategic Alignment Maturity Assessment: Luftman’s SAM Survey Part I: Effectiveness of IT and Business communications (Score 2.88) Part II: Measurement of the competency and value of IT Score (Score 2.93) Part III: The governance Partnerships between IT and Business Functions (Score 2.41) Part IV: Partnerships between IT and Business functions (Score 2.31) Part V: Scope and Architecture of the IT Infrastructure (Score 2.67) Part VI. Human resource skills (2.56)

VII. Recommendation to address gaps in the alignment

VIII. Strategic Alignment Enablers

IX. Strategic Alignment Inhibitors

I - Executive Summary/Overview:
Baptist Health South Florida, Inc., a not-for-profit health care organization, operates medical plazas, surgical facilities, and hospitals. It offers addiction treatment, behavioral medicine, blood conservation program, cancer, cardiovascular, care and counseling, children's health, community wellness, critical care center, diabetes, emergency, endoscopy, executive health, gamma knife center, heart surgery, home care, hyperbaric, imaging, intensive care unit, international, interventional/surgical, laboratory, neonatal, neuroscience, and nutrition counseling services. The company also provides occupational health, orthopedics, outpatient/diagnostic, pain center, pastoral care, pediatric, pel...

Baptist Health South Florida (BHSF) is the largest faith-based, not-for-profit health care organization in the area. It has an exceptional reputation for medical and service excellence. Baptist Health South Florida, Inc. was formerly known as Baptist Health Systems of South Florida, Inc. and changed its name to Baptist Health South Florida, Inc. in March 2002. The company was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida. It has a network of seven hospitals, Baptist, Baptist Children's, South Miami, Homestead, Mariners and Doctors Hospitals, and Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute, with services extending throughout Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties. There are a total of 28 Baptist Outpatient Services Facilities and Medical Plazas which provide outpatient diagnostic, surgical, home health and urgent care services. Specialty areas are: Cancer, Cardiovascular, Children's Health, Diabetes, Gamma Knife, Diagnostic, Childbirth, Rehabilitation, Senior Services, Women's Health, and Urgent Care. Baptist Health serves more than 100,000 people each year. Approximately 2,000 physicians and nearly 12,000 employees adhere to the organization’s mission to provide high-quality, cost-effective, compassionate healthcare services to all, including, as permitted by its resources, charity care to those in need. In 2007, Baptist Health provided an estimated $124 million in charity care. The Baptist Healthcare International Center of Miami is one of the largest hospital-based international programs in America. Thousands of people each year travel to Miami from around the world to visit their medical facilities and respected physicians. The pineapple logo is an age-old symbol of hospitality and warmth. It is reflected in their customer and patient-oriented focus. Baptist Health was created in 1990, but its tradition of medical excellence goes back decades.

Baptist Hospital

Baptist Hospital is a 680-bed facility located in the Kendall area of south Miami-Dade County. It was founded in 1960. Today, the hospital is a major...
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