7 Deadly Sins

Topics: Center fielder, Baseball, High school Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Hunter Kelley
Randy Cross
ENG 102
31 October 2011
He Should Have been Great
Alexandria, Alabama is the place I call home. Alexandria high school was a small 4A school about 20 minutes from Gadsden. Sports basically owned the town. I started playing sports when I was six years old with a group of about 15 boys, and we played together until my senior year of high school. At Alexandria the coaches wanted the “athletes” to play all three sports: football, baseball, and basketball because we were a small school and needed all the help we could get in every sport.

Growing up we had an outfielder by the name of Josh Ray, who could catch any ball hit into the outfield. He made it look so easy and we all knew that he was going to be great one day. Freshman year is when sports changed for us. It was the first time we actually had to try out for a team. Everyone knew that Josh would make the team and start at center field. One week before the varsity baseball tryout the head coach’s nephew moved to Alexandria from Oxford, where he played center field. He was in the tenth grade and one year older than Josh. So long story short, the nephew ended up starting over Josh. That made Josh furious. Josh was better than him and he knew it. But instead of Josh working harder and proving he was better, he just started hating the nephew and wishing he would get hurt or do something wrong.

Josh Ray was one of the greatest outfielders I have ever played with and he never started a varsity baseball game. He is now going to Jacksonville State University just for school. He could have played baseball at any college he wanted to, or maybe even been drafted. But he let one of the seven deadly sins get in his way.
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