7 Cs of Communication

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Seven Communication Principles
To compose effective message you need to apply certain specific communication principles. They tie closely with the basic concepts of the communication process and are important for both written and oral communications. Called the “seven C’s”, they are: completeness, conciseness, consideration, concreteness, clarity, courtesy, and correctness. Completeness

Your business message is "complete" when it contains all facts the reader or listener needs for the reaction you desire. Remember that communicators differ in their mental filters; they are influenced by their backgrounds, viewpoints, needs, attitudes, status, and emotions. Completeness is necessary for several reasons. First, complete messages are more likely to bring the desired results without the expense of additional messages. Second, they can do a better job of building goodwill. Third, they can help avert (prevent) costly lawsuits that may result if important information is missing. As you strive for completeness, keep the following guidelines in mind: • Answer all questions asked.

• Give something extra, when desirable.
• Check for the five W's and any other essentials.
A concise message saves time and expense for both sender and receiver. Conciseness is saying what you have to say in the fewest possible words without sacrificing the other C qualities. Conciseness contributes to emphasis. By eliminating unnecessary words, you help make important ideas stand out. To achieve conciseness try to observe the following suggestions: • Eliminate wordy expressions.

• Include only relevant statements.
• Avoid unnecessary repetition.
Consideration (A result of considering) means that you prepare every message with the recipient (Functioning as a receiver) in mind and try to put yourself in his or her place. Try to visualize your readers (or listeners)—with their desires, problems, circumstances, emotions, and probable reactions to your...
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