7-11 Customer Service – Loyalty Program

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Customer Service – Loyalty Program

It is important to create a program that is manageable and support the goals of 7-11. The Loyalty Program of 7-Eleven Hong Kong was “Stamp Collection”. The latest function was Sanrio 50th Crystal Charm Collection. (Swarovski)

Step 1:
7-11 will examine who are your customers, they know there customers were want convenience service and most of them normally were young to middle age. These customers are easy to change their mind because of the trend and interest. They were look for the freshness. Step 2:

The program can realize the objective, for example, the programs are launch regularly. It can attract the customer over a long period of time and increase the interest of wave upon wave. As a result 7-11 was retaining the original customer and achieve the customer do not patronize other competitor. Step 3:

Therefore, 7-11 was planned on a regular time schedule to promote a new “Stamp Collection” program and on different theme. Such as, Sanrio, Hello Kitty, Dr. IQ, Chibi Maruko Chan (櫻桃小丸子), Paddington Bear etc.

Step 4:
The general company mainly focuses on how to fulfill the customer in bargain process, do not plan to give something extra. When 7-11 promote this program, could make the customer choose 7-11 since expectation was rise. Supposing 7-11 are stop promote “Stamp Collection” program. The customer still purchase goods in 7-11 because it’s already build up a long-term relationship. Also, the senses of belonging are produced.

Step 5:
If the collection products are launch in same period, the selling point may decrease and decrease weekly or two days. Since, the time was longer and interest is lower. 7-Eleven the Crystal Charm Collection was dividing to 2 phase and special editions. It can effectively continue to attract or keep the customers!
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