7.01 Timeline

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Stephanie Carrasco


* Credit Cards were introduced,
affected society & are still used to this day by many people who have become dependent on them

* Korean War Began
affected the United States because of its unsuccessfulness, it cost many lives and billions of dollars, stopped communism


* Truman Signs Peace Treaty With Japan
ended World War II, U.S had more influence over pacific rim


* Seat Belts for Cars introduced
prevented more accidents from occurring


* Segregation ruled illegal in U.S.
Blacks and whites went to school together and things were equal between them no matter what color, it has remained that way ever since


* Disneyland Opened!
changed how other cultures viewed America, reinvigorated entire amusement park industry, still loved and visited present day

* Rosa Parks
she refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white man, by standing her ground she impacted society and caused others to stand up as well which created a bus boycott and led to changing the rules about sitting in the back if you were colored


* First living animal to enter orbit
Laika, a dog, entered the orbit in space but died during her trip, Laika proved that it was possible for a living being to enter space. Her death also sparked animal rights debates across the planet


* Peace Symbol Created
British artist created it for the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War, moved to U.S. as symbol for peace movement & became internationally recognized, still used to this day by peace activist


* Fidel Castro becomes Dictator of Cuba
He resorted to violence and was Anti-Americanism, the U.S. made many failed attempts to kill him because he betrayed many people, he showed how terrible someone could become once made dictator

What I learned from this period in time was that it introduced many things that we still use today. Even little...
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