6th Grade Secrets

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  • Published : February 21, 2011
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6th Grade Secrets

This book Review is about a book called 6th grade secrets, it is one month until schools over and Laura (main character) has found a hat that says pig city. It inspires her to start a secret club called Pig City, to join you have to leave insurance like your embarrassing baby photo, copying a love letter to your crush (with your name on it), or any thing else you wouldn’t want the world to know or see. This insurance is put into a little black box and if you tell a non-member, every one will see your insurance.

List of Characters

Laura- the main character of this story never tells a lie.

Tiffany- one of Laura’s bests friends, some part of her is always dirty she is also very ticklish.

Allison- another 1 of Laura’s best friends, opposite of tiffany, known for clean underwear.

Gabriel- the good-hearted troublemaker has a crush on Laura!

Mr. Doyle- the good bad teacher or the bad good teacher?

Sheila- does not really like any one (especially Laura), has frizzy hair.

Jonathan- good at every thing he does like all school work, all sports, making all heads turn even some guys, has a monster ego.

Liz- nice and smart, not much to say of her, she is a teachers pet.

There are 23 other students in this story but they were not as important. I hope they do not feel too bad, I was just running out of paper...

Abisade Onasanwo
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