6th Camp Reflection Paper

Topics: Marketing, Philippines, A Good Thing Pages: 8 (2633 words) Published: March 4, 2011
De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde
Principles of Marketing A0A
Mr.Ferdi Alversado

Julian De Dios

“If we can do it, you can do it also”
An insight of the recent 6th CAMP

I entitled my paper with the above statement, this statement struck me the most because it really inspired me to live my life with full of opportunities from the environment. It was said by Ms. Noreen Bautista, and at age of 22 she already showed lot of things, I want to be like her. I want to be in good business while considering social factors. I want to reach that level of success at early age, so I’m really persuaded by her to pursue good things for our country. She was right, if they can do it, even they’re not marketing majors, why can’t we? We can all do what they can do, what matters is, we must open our minds to the unending opportunity that we can have right there, right outside our environment. What I learned, it’s not important what your courses are, what really matters is the talent and skill you can obtain from experience, and the perseverance to continue something we can learn from marketing subjects. So before I proceed to my reflection and insights in every session, I just want to say that I didn’t really expect 6th CAMP was such a big event. From about 4,500 aspiring marketing students all over the Philippines and from the proficient and expert speakers, what a wonderful experience! The conference was really a blast! Well, it was not because it’s my first time to visit PICC but it was just simply worth-watching. I’m very thankful that I have attended that conference because it gave me lot of significant lessons and in a way, inspired me. There were lot of things I’ve learned and I hope that I could use those things in my future endeavors. So I would like to share some of my insights and learning from the different topics that were discussed and to give some of my opinions about the whole conference experience.

1.) The 2011 Economic Briefing – Mr. Jonathan L. Ravelas

This particular topic was a good starter of the conference; the speaker showed expertise and catered useful information about the economic status of the Philippines. It was nice that I did understand what he was saying because I already finished economics last term. The speaker clearly stated information through his presentation and explained those well. I also liked that he started with giving the World economy status including the different countries like America, Middle East and Asia. He also gave us the status of the Philippines and fortunately to hear that, we have strong OFW remittances, growth of business processing outsourcing industry and a new hope from the new government. I’m hoping that, our country could excel in BPO industry because we really have a competitive labor force particularly in call center jobs, medical transcriptionist and lot more. He also said that the Philippines is in stable foreign exchange, stable inflation and interest rate but we still have to face challenges. Mr. Ravelas as a member of treasury in Banco de Oro (BDO) relates that acronym as a road map to overcome challenges. The letter B for Bold Reforms, D for Deficit and O for the Order of Battle, in line with revenue taxes, infrastructure and social services. Well, I do believe on what he said because of course, he has expertise in the cycle of our economy, so it was really an opportunity for us to listen from someone who has the right knowledge to speak about our economy.

2.) The Marketing career trends and other job prospects – Ms. Grace Colet

This next topic was also interesting because Ms. Grace, manager of Jobstreet Philippines discussed job opportunities and job trends, in-time that we are about to graduate in a year. So it was a good thing that she shared things about the best suitable jobs soon and most applicable job nowadays. I think she really gave good prospects about the job, she said that Marketing, IT and other...
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