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!6th Amendment Thesis Paper

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!6th Amendment Thesis Paper

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  • November 2012
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Nick Helms

Thesis Paper

If you haven’t noticed, when you get paid, the 16th amendment allows the IRS to take a little bit of your paycheck, which is called “Income tax”. The government takes this money, and that money goes to funding government programs like the army, and things like medicare and other medical services. It is important for the government to be able to take taxes from the citizens of the United States in order to pay for services that support our way of life.

It is extremely necessary for the government to fund education. Without the proper funding for education, kids would not have proper education and grow up to be unintelligent. The government mandates what the schools have to do, and since the schools are not private and have no other source of income, the government should be the ones funding. If the government makes the laws thats says kids have to attended school until the age of 16 then the government should be the ones to pay for our schooling, and should be the ones to pay for our transportation to and from our place of education.

Without taxes, the roads and bridges in the United States would deteriorate. When it is time for a new road or bridge to be built, or a road or bridge to be replaced, the government hires people to come and take care of it. Without the funding to hire these workers, roads would get all torn up and never be fixed, and bridges could collapse, like the 35 W bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota. If bridges collapsed, and road were in really poor condition, it would drastically up the risk for injury and possibly even death.

Services that protect citizens are supported by taxes. Without the funding from the government, we would not have police officers, firemen, or even emergency medical help. If we did not have these resources, the community would not have any rules or any one to stop people from doing wrong, or hurting other people. If people did not have any rules to follow, the would wreak...

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