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1.0| Introduction| 1|
2.0| Literature Review: Marketing Mix| 2|
3.0| Literature Review: Customer Satisfaction | 4|
4.0| Research Objectives | 5|
5.0| Hypothesis | 5|
6.0| Data Analysis Report| 5|
7.0| Discussion and recommendation | 6|
8.0| Conclusion | 6|
9.0| References| 6|
10.0| Appendix| 7|

1.0 Introduction
This assignment is about the investigation of restaurant marketing mix & customer satisfaction in Kampar. We want to find the relationship between marketing mix and customer satisfaction in Kampar. Objective is to investigate how marketing mix (price, product, place, promotion) will affect customer satisfaction. The hypothesis is to support the research is correct. This assignment is to understand the research method.

2.0 Marketing Mix
Marketing mix is a technical of marketing planning and it sometimes referred to as 4Ps, stand for Place, Promotion, Product and Price (Bennett, 1997).  The 4p is to understand the customer need and want. The proportions in the marketing mix can be altered in the same way and differ from the good to good (Hodder Education, n.d). According to W. J. Stanton, "Marketing mix is the term used to describe the combination of the 4 inputs which constitute the core of a company's marketing system: the product, the price structure, the promotional activities, and the distribution system." (A Review of Marketing Mix: 4Ps or More?, May 2009) 2.1 Price

One of the elements in Marketing Mix is price. Armstrong, Gary and Philip Kotler said that price can be defined as “The total of money that needs to pay for a product or service or the sum of the values that consumers exchange for the benefits of having or using the product or service” (Marketing Mix Price, 2005). Price is set to make profit and determine whether the customer is ready to pay for the product. Only price is create sales revenue, the other 3P is costs. It is extremely .Someone establish that price quality was considered very major, followed by distribution service and price (Perrault and Russ (1976)). Price quality is connected to the service of price to quality and the value of a product. Most of the customer think that higher price come with better quality. Quality may often relate to price. “A consumer who lacks the information to judge quality is more likely depend on price as an indicator of quality than consumers with greater ability” (Lambert 1972; Rao and Monroe 1988; Zeithaml 1988); (Smith, 1999). For example, the Padini brand cloth is high quality than cloth that sell at night market. Discount price can be explain as decrease the price of product or good temporary to attract repeat business. Some of the shop or restaurant have season discount such as New Year discount, Christmas discount any many other season. Many the restaurants will offer discount, coupon or sale during non-peak season. This is to allow the buyer to pay less than the actual amount (Kuzdrall and Britney 1982) developed a restrictive model that directs attention to the proper price-quantity interval (Dixit, 2005). The discount or sale will attract and give attention to the customer. The discount price is to cover the cost and to prevent lost. List price is the basic thing to set a price. List price is defined as, “Price normally quoted to potential Buyers” (Boone, Louis E. and David L. Kurtz). It is the basic price offered to prospective consumers, yet in many instances the price listed could increase or decreases as costumers select options. For example, the buyer may be pay less than the list price such as on promotion, there might have coupons. The price will be different because it depend on the amount of advertising and does the customer willing to pay the amount or not. 2.2 Place

Place mean does the restaurant located. Urban or country side? If the location is more at the urban side that mean will attract more customer (Gordano Knowledge...
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