65 and Older Should Retake Their Drivers Test

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  • Published: May 7, 2012
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This paper talks about the risk of elderly drivers. I talks into detail of the health problems that elderly have. The things that elderly people have done and could do to put you or your loved ones in danger. It gives lots of real life examples of dangerous situation’s elderly have put themselves in and others. A recent story “Fatal crashes involving senior drivers renew debate over licensing, testing requirements” published by Michael Turnbell, Diane C. Lade and Dana Williams (2012) talks about real life incidents that happened in Florida just this year. The paper gives a good inscightte on why you should and shouldn’t take away elderly peoples driving license.

ELDERLY PEOPLE OVER THE AGE OF 65 SHOULD HAVE TO RETAKE THEIR DRIVING TEST “Elderly people over the age of 65 should have to retake their driving test.” “Witness Graham Kennedy said he had heard a “great bang” and then “the screams of a woman” and ran to assist”, (Sunshine Coast Daily, April 4, 2012). It happened at the local super market on an ordinary day. A mother and her three young boys were walking out of the market when car drove in. The car was driving slow and swerving all over the place. The mother and boys watched the car hit two parked cars and nearly miss the market. The mother gasped and ordered the boys out of harm’s way. The women attempted to follow the boy to safety out of the way of the dangers way. But her attempt to escape was a failure when you the mother letting out screams of pain. The car hit the women and flattened her foot. Immediately witness Graham Kennedy called 911 on the scene. Come to find out the driver was not drunk, high or having any medical issues. The driver of the car that hit two parked cars and almost ended one person’s life was a 65 year old man. It’s funny how we change over time and, every day tasks start to become a challenge to us. For the 65 year old...
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