(6.2): Describe the Role of Schools in National Policies Relating to Children, Young People and Families

Topics: School, Policy, Responsibility Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: March 4, 2013
6.1: Identify the roles and responsibilities of national and local government for education policy and practise. | Central government| Local government|
Roles| The roles of the central government for the education policy and practise are that they make the laws for all schools in the country to follow. The roles of the central government are that they would need to make sure that they follow these laws.Every child will have a suitable education and will be treated how they should be.| The roles of the local government are that they provide support services for schools.They will access and provide home to school transport for special needs children and they will also promote good nutritional standards for the school to present to all the students.Pupils have to go to school till the age of 16 but there is further education if they want to go. | Responsibilities| The central government makes the laws and policies to improve education.They have a responsibility for the equality of the service ‘Every Child Matters’ but this can be sent to the local government to monitor.The central government are also responsible for the nationwide level for education provision and they also manage the policies that are related to creating a healthy environment with clean air, water and soil by sorting out the pollution that the road transport make for all the people and to make it healthy for them.| The local government are responsible for implementing these laws.They have a responsibility to support special education needs for children who are special needs.They also help schools to develop their school policies and upgrade courses for the teachers. Local government have the responsibility to implement the education policies to all the schools in the country.| Central government: covers the whole country which is based on concerns with national issues about the environment and the life style of people so they will create policies and procedures to make life easier. For...
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