Topics: Virtue, Self-esteem, Gentleman Pages: 4 (609 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Value Based Questions – Class X
Two Gentlemen of Verona
Q1. ‘He shrugged his shoulders to convey his disapproval of their shabby appearance.’ Luigi projects a prejudice that appearances play an important role in judging a person. Write an article for the school magazine on Prejudices can often be a Barrier in forming Lifelong Bonds. Value Points

• Craze for branded clothes
• Consumerism
• Values like humility, simplicity losing their importance • People should be judged by their deeds rather than appearance

Q2.’They were, she explained, quite alone in the world, except for this sister Lucia.’ The two boys Nicola & Jacopo display courage, fortitude and devotion far beyond their years. Such children lose their childhood very early due to no fault of theirs. Write a speech for the morning assembly on ‘Role of Society in Nurturing the Underprivileged.’ Value Points

• Victims of war and natural disasters
• Loss of life and Property
• Forced into child Labour
• Laws by govt. to protect them
• Vocational Training

Q3. ‘What struck one most was their willingness to work. During these summer days, under the hot sun, they shined shoes, sold fruit, hawked newspapers, and conducted tourists round the town and ran errands. What makes a man a true gentleman? Discuss Value Points

• People of refined taste and manner
• Boys dressed shabbily but with a spark in their eyes • Display honesty, maturity, and integrity
• True qualities of a Gentleman
Q4. ‘I felt I could not bear to intrude upon this happy family party.’ What according to you is an ideal family? Value Points
• Family marked by- affection, close bonding, sacrifice, unconditional love • Respect for all members
• Patience for elders and children alike

5.‘What struck one most was their willingness to work’

In the chapter The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Nicola and Jacopo carried out several of odd jobs to support themselves and...
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