5th Year of High School

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  • Published : April 3, 2012
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5 years of High School???
If the DPS school district should institute that students should complete a 5th year of high school, that decision alone would cause a big frenzy. A 5th year of high school will not be beneficial to all students. Many students already display “senioritis”. A lot of high seniors are already saying,” I cannot wait until June,” and school has just started. Most students cannot wait for their senior year. To add another year, what would it be called? Adding another year can stop those who plan to get their goals accomplished in a certain time frame. An extra year can set him or her back. For example, I plan to become a pediatrician when I get older. That has been my dream since forever. I plan to go into Pre-Med at the University of Michigan. Then, I plan to intern at a hospital so I can start my residency. Doing all of this takes time. I do not want to be old as dirt before I accomplish all of my goals. 5 years of high school we’re going to academically ready. We have a lot of teachers who are not qualified in the subjects they are teaching. Many teachers are so used to teaching elementary and middle school student that they can’t properly teach high school students. If they plan to add another year to high school, does this mean we will have college prep teachers? Adding another year means us as DPS students should have all the material we need, including books and teachers. DPS is not financially prepared to add another year of high school. Students are packed in classrooms because schools are not that big to hold as many students that they try to squeeze in one school. Approximately fifty are squeezed into one classroom. Teachers are not able to teach every single student single-handedly. Also many teachers have the attitude like, “If you don’t get it, too bad. It’s time to move on. It doesn’t matter, I’m getting paid.” Perhaps if teachers were more supportive, it would be easier to say I’m all...
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