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  • Published : January 13, 2012
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5S Description & Guidelines
By: Greg Hart, President - Hart Innovative Solutions, Inc.

Sort (organization) – Clearly distinguish needed from unneeded items and eliminate the latter.

Set in Order (orderliness) – Keep needed items in the correct place for easy and immediate retrieval.

Shine (cleanliness) – Keep the workplace swept and thoroughly clean.

Standardize (routine clean-up) – Standardize clean-up and
organization through guidelines

Sustain (discipline – habit) – Make a habit of maintaining established 5S procedures and discipline through verification and checklists. Sort (organization) Only use materials, equipment, tooling, and supplies that are needed, when they are needed, in the quantities needed. Eliminate excess/obsolete equipment Eliminate excess/obsolete inventory Improve inefficient space utilization Eliminate space taken up by unneeded items Remove outdated papers and files Reduce cabinets, shelving, lockers containing supplies Look in unlabeled containers, boxes, shelves, bottom of locations Eliminate outdated posters, wall boards, metrics, slogans, banners

Set in Order (orderliness)
Put everything in a useable place Make every item visible, reachable and available when needed Locate missing tools, documents, instructions, keys and inventory Define clear, shiny, well-marked aisle-ways Color-code areas Post slogans and banners Limit work in process Post Standard Work documents

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Shine (cleanliness)
The cleaner the better Clean areas where red-tagged items were removed Remove dirt, oil, scraps and garbage Clean on a daily basis Audit the cleaning process Improve equipment maintenance Clean aisles, walkways, floors, machines, desks Assign cleaning responsibilities Create target areas: equipment, floors and inventories Cleaning checklists Verification review procedure Correct deficiencies Cleaning is a team effort Correct root causes of unclean items

Standardize (routine cleanup)
Maintain and control...
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