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5s Culture

By | April 2009
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“5S Objectives”

Problems cannot be clearly seen when the work place is unorganized. •Cleaning and organizing the workplace helps the team to uncover problems. •Making problems visible is the first step of improvement.

“5S Purpose”

To keep our work place clean systematic organization •Provides nice environment to work sorting visual placement •Increase our productivity customer expectation •Saves time (mainly searching time) quality / safety •Reduce the cost standardizing control reduced cost •Provides safety self discipline •Creates joy while working •Elimination of all types of waste scrubbing clean

“The Terminology”

5S is a phrase that refers to workplace organization and standardization. It is how we have our areas organized, free of clutter, efficient, safe, and pleasant to work in. It is considered a cornerstone for companies pursuing Lean Enterprise. It lays the groundwork and develops the discipline necessary to support the successful implementation of other Lean concepts throughout an organization. The components / differential parts of the 5S can be listed as under

“Step 1: Seiri / Sort”
“When In Doubt, Throw It Out”

Seiri is sorting through the contents of the workplace and removing unnecessary items. This is an action to identify and eliminate all unnecessary items from the workplace. An effective visual method to identify these unneeded...

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