5g Technology. Technical Report

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A Technical Report on

Atul Chavan

Presented by
Sri Sunflower College Of Engineering & Technology
(Approved by AICTE, Affiliated to JNTU)
Lankapalli – 521 131
Submitted By:
1. Sudha Madhuri.Sattiraju
2nd M.C.A
Sri Sun Flower Col Of Eng & Tech

2. Asha Jyothi.Koganti
2nd M.C.A
Sri Sun Flower Col Of Eng & Tech

1. Introduction

2. Pre-4G Wireless Standards

3. parameters of 3G &4G

4. Architecture of 4G

5. Challenges:

6. Development:

7. 4G mobile technologies:

8. Future of 4G:

9. Conclusion.

10. Bibilography

Mobile devices are getting smaller, lighter, and more powerful; they have bigger screens and longer battery life, more features and more capabilities. Things like watching the football game on your mobile device, watching movies, videoconferencing, paying your bills and downloading music to the palm of your hand will become second nature in the near future. Bandwidth will always be the limiting factor in the development of applications and devices, be it wired, or wireless. At the moment the wireless world doesn’t have a large-cell, high bandwidth standard, that is capable of delivering the much needed speeds to a mobile device. The short fall of 3G networks is clear, it’s just not fast enough, offering 384kbps doesn’t meet the requirements of what the end user has come to expect these days. Some people see 3G as a stop-gap, until a fully integrated IP network is created; some countries have even chosen to bypass 3G and head straight to 4G, a method which has its advantages, and its disadvantages.

4G is set to be available around 2010, getting it right first time will make it a general winner with the one billion mobile users around the world. The end user can expect low cost per data bit, as well as speed and reliability, something which is greatly.

Technology Companies with 4G networks are knocking on the door and mobile operators are beginning to answer. 4G networks and Next Generation Networks (NGNs) are becoming fast and very cost-effective solutions for those wanting an IP built high-speed data capacities in the mobile network. IP is pushing its way into the mobile wireless market,” said Visant Strategies Senior Analyst Andy Fuertes, author of “The Road to 4G and NGN: Wireless IP Migration Paths.” By 2010, the just-published study finds, there will be 113 million NGN and 4G users, with the market starting to take effect 2006 and 2007.


4G is an initialize of the term Fourth-Generation Communications System. • A 4G system will provide an end-to-end IP solution where voice, data and streamed multimedia can be served to users on an "Anytime, Anywhere" basis at higher data rates than previous generations.

No formal definition is set as to what 4G is, but the objectives that are predicted for 4G can be summarized as follows • 4G will be a fully IP-based integrated system of systems and network of networks wired and wireless networks (e.g.: computer, consumer electronics, communication technology…)

• Providing 100 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s, respectively, in outdoor and indoor environments

• End-to-end quality of service

• High security

• Offering any kind of services anytime, anywhere

• Affordable cost and one billing

•  The following are some possible features of the 4G systems :

• Support interactive multimedia, voice, video, wireless internet and other broadband services.

• High speed, high capacity and low cost per bit.

• Global mobility, service portability, scalable mobile networks.

• Seamless switching, variety of services based on...
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