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(Bal-e-Jibril-142) Saqi Nama ( ‫ )ﺳﺎﻗﯽ ﻧﺎﻣ‬Sakinama


Huwa Khaimazan Karwan-E-Bahar Iram Ban Gya Daman-E-Kohsar Spring’s caravan has pitched its tent At the foot of the mountain, making it look like the fabled garden of Iram

Gul-O-Nargis-O-Sosan-O-Nastran Shaheed-E-Azal Lalah Khooni Kafan With a riot of flowers—iris, rose, narcissus, lily, eglantine, And tulip in its martyr’s gory shroud.

Jahan Chup Gya Parda’ay Rang Mein Lahoo Ki Hai Gardish Rag-E-Sang Mein The landscape is all covered with a multicoloured sheet,

and color flows even in the veins of stones like blood.

Faza Neeli Neeli, Hawa Mein Suroor Thehar Nahin Aashiyan Mein Tayoor The breezes blow intoxicatingly in a blue sky, so that the birds do not feel like remaining in their nests and fly about.

Woh Jooay Kohstan Uchakti Huwi Atakti, Lachakti, Sirakti Huwi Look at that hill‐stream. How it halts and bends and glides and swings around,

Uchalti, Phisalti, Sanbhalti Huwi Bare Paich Kha Kar Niklti Huwi Jumping, slipping and then, collecting itself, surges up and rushes on.

Ruke Jab To Sil Cheer Deti Hai Ye Paharon Ke Dil Cheer Deti Hai Ye Should it be stemmed, it would burst the rocks and cut open the hills’ hearts

Zara Dekh Ae Saqi-E-Lalah Faam! Sunati Hai Ye Zindagi Ka Payam This hill‐stream, my fair saki, has a message to give us concerning life.

Pila De Mujhe Woh Mai-E-Parda Soz Ke Ati Nahin Fasal-E-Gul Roz Roz Attune me to this message and, Come, let us celebrate the spring, which comes but once a year.

Woh Mai Jis Se Roshan Zameer-E-Hayat Woh Mai Jis Se Hai Masti-E-Kainat Give me that wine whose Whose light illuminates life’s mind, whose heat burns up the veils of hidden things,

Woh Mai Jis Mein Hai Soz-O-Saaz-E-Azal Woh Mai Jis Se Khulta Hai Raaz-E-Azal Give me that wine whose heat burns up the veils of hidden things, Whose light illuminates life’s mind,

Utha Saqiya Parda Iss Raaz Se Lara De Mamoole Ko Shahbaz Se Come lift the veil off mysteries, And make a mere wagtail take eagles on.

Zamane Ke Andaz Badle Gye Naya Raag Hai, Saaz Badle Gye The times have changed; so have their signs. New is the music, and so are the instruments.

Huwa Iss Tarah Fash Raaz-E-Farang Ke Hairat Mein Hai Sheesha Baaz-E-Farang The magic of the West has been exposed, And the magician stands aghast.

Purani Siasat Gari Khwaar Zameen Mir-E-Sultan Se Baizar Hai The politics of the ancient regime are in disgrace: world is tired of kings.

Gya Dour-E-Sarmaya Dari, Gya Tamasha Dikha Kar Madari Gya The age of capitalism has passed, The juggler, having shown his tricks, has gone.

Garan Khawab Cheeni Sanbhalne Lage Hamala Ke Chashme Ubalne Lage The Chinese are awaking from their heavy sleep. Fresh springs are bubbling forth from Himalayan heights.

Dil-E-Toor-E-Seena-O-Faran Do Neem Tajalli Ka Phir Muntazir Hai Kaleem Cut open is the heart of Sinai and Faran, And Moses waits for a renewed theophany.

Musalman Hai Touheed Mein Garam Josh Magar Dil Abhi Taak Hai Zunnar Posh The Muslim, zealous though about God’s unity, Still wears the Hindu’s sacred thread around his heart.

Tamadan, Tasawwuf, Shariat, Kalam Butan-E-Ajam Ke Poojari Tamam! In culture, mysticism, canon law and dialectical theology— He worships idols of non‐Arab make.

Haqiqat Khurafat Mein Kho Gyi Ye Ummat Rawayat Mein Kho Gyi The truth has been lost in absurdities, And in traditions is this Ummah rooted still.

Lubhata Hai Dil Ko Kalam-E-Khateeb Magar Lazzat-E-Shauq Se Be-Naseeb! The preacher’s sermon may beguile your heart, But there is no sincerity, no warmth in it.

Byan Iss Ka Mantaq Se Suljha Huwa Lughat Ke Bakheron Mein Uljha Huwa It is a tangled skein of lexical complexities, Sought to be solved by logical dexterity.

Woh Sufi K Tha Khidmat-E-Haq Mein Mard Mohabbat Mein Yakta, Hamiyyat Mein Fard The Sufi, once foremost in serving God,...
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