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In our planet there are seven continents, 196 countries, every single country with unique views and diversity in religion, food, customs, people. I've had the luck to visit many of those countries, my personal favorites would have to be Boston USA, Barcelona Spain, Madrid Spain , Panama , Costa Rica, all of them with immense beauty , Amazing views, and delicious foods.

Originally born in Boston, Massachusetts, An amazing city with great views in both summer and winter time, a city with diversity in every corner ,my favorite thing was to go for a walk at the beach with my parents, or going to the fair with them, the saddest memory from there was moving.

My Father is born and raised in Spain, and from him being from there I was able to go for a summer when I was 14 , in my opinion Spain is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet , from my trip there I was Able to learn Spanish or Castellano , I also lived one of craziest experience a person can have and that's being chaise by a bull in Madrid Spain even though it was me actually running because I was too young to participate , seeing it, felt like I was being chase. During my trip to Spain I was able to go to Barcelona Spain, to see my Favorite soccer team play live, it was an amazing experience, even though my team lost the match it was an unforgettable experience.

During the summer of my junior year in high school I was able to travel to Costa Rica and Panama, an amazing trip especially because I was able to go with my best friend , We where there for 30 days that felt like five because of all the fun we had, like going sky diving , diving , swimming with sharks, renting a car to drive around Costa Rica , taking helicopter rides in Panama, pretty much we did everything imaginable.

In this immense world of ours there are amazing places to go to , I honestly say if your able to travel and go places do it , because those memories with always be with you were ever you go .
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