534 Chapter 2

Topics: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Cash flow, Income statement Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: April 29, 2013
FIN 534 – Homework Chapter 2 Directions: Answer the following five questions on a separate document. Explain how you reached the answer or show your work if a mathematical calculation is needed, or both. Submit your assignment using the assignment link in the course shell. Each question is worth five points apiece for a total of 25 points for this homework assignment. 1. Which of the following statements is CORRECT? c. If a firm is more profitable than average (e.g., Google), we would normally expect to see its stock price exceed its book value per share. 2. Which of the following statements is CORRECT? e. The statement of cash flows shows how much the firm’s cash--the total of currency, bank deposits, and short-term liquid securities (or cash equivalents)--increased or decreased during a given year. 3. Which of the following statements is CORRECT? e. If a company pays more in dividends than it generates in net income, its retained earnings as reported on the balance sheet will decline from the previous year's balance. 4. Last year Roussakis Company’s operations provided a negative net cash flow, yet the cash shown on its balance sheet increased. Which of the following statements could explain the increase in cash, assuming the company’s financial statements were prepared under generally accepted accounting principles? d. The company sold some of its fixed assets. 5. Bartling Energy Systems recently reported $9,250 of sales, $5,750 of operating costs other than depreciation, and $700 of depreciation. The company had no amortization charges, it had $3,200 of outstanding bonds that carry a 5% interest rate, and its federal-plus-state income tax rate was 35%. In order to sustain its operations and thus generate sales and cash flows in the future, the firm was required to make $1,250 of capital expenditures on new fixed assets and to invest $300 in net operating working capital. By how much did the firm's net income exceed its free cash flow? c. $746.00

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