Topics: Operation Auca, Jim Elliot, Nate Saint Pages: 2 (798 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Nate Saint

On August 30, 1923, in Pennsylvania, Nate Saint was born. Having an older brother like Sam, who was a flying instructor, gave Nate a desire to be a pilot at a young age. Not knowing that one day it would land him in Ecuador. Sounds good so far right? A young boy wanting to be a pilot grows up and actually becomes a pilot, not all stories have that “fairy-tale” ending though. Nate would end up dying in Ecuador doing missionary work although, his story became one of the most ispirational stories about men and women of God ever. Now, there's only one left thing to do, find out everything in the middle. Why be a missionary? How did he die? Let's see....

Nate was one of eight siblings. He had strict parents, which led to him going to sunday school and bible study every week at church. Nate never rebelled against it so, he was a christian his whole life. Taking flying lessons in high school, Nate served in the Air Force in World War II(WWII). After the war, he joined the Missionary Aviation Fellowship in 1948. Nate was joined by Ed McCully, Jim Elliot, and Peter Fleming going to Ecuador. They began to make frequent air-to-ground contacts with the Huaorani village.

In the dense rain-forests of Ecuador lived a tribe of Indians who called themselves the Huaorani(“people” in their language) but, their neighbors called them Aucas(“savages in Quechua). They had been completely isolated from the world until Nate, his family, and the missionaries came. After three months of sending gifts and such, Nate and his team decided to make a ground contact. They were joined by Roger Youderian, he had beeen working with the Jivarios, another Indian tribe. The team decided that they were gonna carry guns but that they would not shoot at the Indians but instead, fire it into the air as a warning in case any threat of danger was presented. Before they left off, each guy said goodbye to his family, not knowing if they would come back or not but just trusting God that...
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