500 Word Short Story

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Something was different about this day from the moment I woke up. I had been sick for a while and had recently been to the vet, but today was different. I was given all sorts of delicious food for breakfast, a great change from my normal bowl of kibbles, and my masters were constantly petting me. They were saying things to me too. How I wish I could understand them. Then the entire family carried me into the car and we started backing out of the driveway. I love the car; it usually leads to some great adventure or trip. Today though I was too tired to put my head out the window so I lied calmly in there. They gently stroked my fur saying my name over and over again. It was soothing but I was too weak to raise my head or wag my tail. How I missed the days where I could roll around in the grass without a care in the world. Now I need help to simply get up. They are always willing to help me though. They seem to love me a lot and I love them too. Suddenly one of them began to cry. I licked her hand, which only made it worse. I wondered what could possibly be wrong; we were simply going for a ride. All the other humans seemed pretty sad too, although I could tell some of them were trying not to show it. Then we pulled into a parking lot, but nobody got out. We sat there, nobody speaking, for five minutes, then one of them got out of the car. The time he was gone seemed to last an eternity but it was really only two minutes. When he returned, he was with another man. My vet. I was very excited to see him as he always brought me a treat, and sure enough in his hand there was a small dog biscuit. He seemed sad today though, much like my masters. He took a needle out of his bag. Suddenly they all started crying. They were all hugging and kissing me, which hurt a little because my body was so fragile. What could possibly be going on I thought. I tried to get up but I couldn’t. I lied there, in the arms of my beloved masters as they cried all around me. I was so...
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