500 Days

Topics: Love, White, Flashback Pages: 3 (827 words) Published: December 3, 2012
500 days of summer
Narrator opens the story with a
Opening credits boy grows up girl grows up
Days of 500
All dull colors for when he is depressed about her breaking up with him the room is dull the colors of the clothes. Flashbacks to them at happier times then we he breaks up with her Flashback to Summer Finn-just a girl. Black and white colors

4:Elevator scene
8:party scene the whole workplace is dull. Find out that he writes greeting cards. Studied to be an architect 154: I love summer, eyes hair laugh everything. Hes talking to the camera 11: so compatiable its insane. Talking to little sis playing wii 22:its off, never was really on. How was your weekend it was gooood” not interested in me. Flashbacks when he needed toner and when he played the smiths 27: all you can karoke. The WHOLE office is going

28: karoke bar. Don’t wanna have a boyfriend. She’s a dude. No such thing as love its fantasy agree to disagree. Friend got too drunk. He likes you. They’ll just be friends Copier dull office, dull colors. Kiss in copy room, making out. Slight awkward at first Summer is at tom’s house.

34: at ikea. The sinks broken, now to bedroom. Chinese family in bathroom. Not looking for anything serious. Not freaking out. He’s in her bed. Spunky music everyone is happy after they had sex. Fountain everyone is now in blue shaking his hands. Into a dance. Cartoon blue bird 303: not so happy. At work staring at her desk. You get her back yet? Working. 45: singing in the phone

87: octopus garden best beatles song. Watching a porn then in the shower trying it 95: showing her something
109: he goes to her house. “for tom Hansen this was the night everything changed” “summers wall was coming down, here was tom in her world few people had seen. Here was summer wanting her here” her wall was coming down. I never told anyone that before. I guess that means im something more 118: soccer game “what should I do?” ask her. smart little sis in yellow uniform. Don’t...
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