50 Things That Really Matter

Topics: Love Pages: 9 (2618 words) Published: December 16, 2012
The Big Idea | |
|The book 50 Things That Really Matter tells of the simple pleasures of life--apart from the luxurious, fancy and extravagant possessions-- that gives people | |inner and deeper fulfillment. This promising gift book is a compilation of fist-person stories of different people with their own unique experiences on the | |things that really do matter. | |  | |Wisdom | |It was shortly after college, while this young man didn't know what to do with his life, that he met an elderly saxophonist, Lucky, who taught him wisdom and | |the great values that goes with it. Lucky would often tell him real life stories just like how a farmer would effortlessly toss away seeds from his hands. | |Little did the young man know that these anecdotes would serve as gold nuggets of wisdom that he would carry on through his life. | |Warm Spring Days | |This is a story of a young man's love for baseball. Though he never became a star of the Little League, baseball mirrored out the significance of his | |relationship with his dad. It was during the springtime ritual of playing catch with dad that he realized his father's dedication to be always around for him, | |no matter what. Thanks to the warm spring days. | |Memories | |In a small town dotted with cemeteries is a woman who believes that saying out loud the names of the people who have died is another way of remembering | |them-asserting that they will always be part of their families' precious memories. After 35 years of not seeing her grandmother's grave, this woman wished that | |somehow, someone is also walking her dog by the cemetery and taking time to read aloud from the worn out stone, the carefully carved name of her beloved | |grandmother. | |Honest Work | |Matt, exposed to hard work while he was just 10, teaches his wife lessons on devotion and honesty to one's work. For him, devotion is an opportunity of | |expression-- giving people a different kind of fulfillment to every work done. | |Faith | |Jeb, a man whose faith is rooted on old time miracles, missed how God had tried to rescue him amidst the dangers of the big flood. God sent a rowboat, powerboat| |and a helicopter to Jeb's rescue but he didn't mind. Jeb didn't realize that God works in ways we sometimes don't understand and sends us gifts of comfort and | |protection that we don't always recognize. | |Bubble Baths...
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