50 Shades of Mt Druitt

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Chapter 1…
Even though he only had one tattoo I yearned him to fill the lonely hours between Dr Phil and days of our lives. as he approached me with his pasty white arms hanging out of a Nike vest,his smile told me it was dole day, and I knew my velour track suit would be hanging off the lampshade tonight. As I stood in line at centrelink, thinking up reasons why I can't work, a sweet smell drifted past my pig like nostrils. It was a mixture of weed, sweat and lynx Africa! I turned and there he was Dwayne, with his pants halfway down his arse,our eyes met and he was soon lifting me onto the wheelie bins behind the Rec Centre. He had already tied his staffy to a post in an alleyway so we would not be disturbed. There was a tramp watching but it did not bother us, just added to the mystery. I knew then that this was love and my life would never be the same again. I made a promise to him there and then that I would buy him a plasma with the baby bonus.....

50 Shades of Mount Druitt ,....
Chapter Two...
The next time I saw him it was a dark and stormy night. I had walked in the rain along Luxford Road to the station, my hair dripping wet and my ugg boots a little damp. He climbed out of his mates’ Tarago van wearing his best gear, white Canterb...ury pants and a Henley hoodie. We locked eyes as the van drove off and I was already thinking about how he would remove my Supre top. He always had the sweetest things to say like how pretty I looked with my smudged blue eyeshadow, what an awesome chic I was and that I was far better than his last two roots. We slid quietly underneath the platform stairwell, carelessly kicking an empty goon sac out of our way. Only a few Indian men on their way to work passed us by unnoticed. The sound of syringes jangling together in his pocket was like sweet music as the smell of Tabu and crystal meth filled the air. After we were done I made several promises, and even though the children might not all belong to him, we would fill our dream home on Chestnut Crescent with a package from fantastic furniture and live happily for all eternity, or at least until something better comes along. Chapter 3…

Today was a heart wrenching day for me. I feel like my whole world has fell apart. As I touch my growing tummy a tear roles down my face leaving a whitish stain down my left cheek. Dwayne was sent to prison for four months. He is inno...cent too. He was apparently seen shoplifting in Vinnies. I know he wasn’t , he told me he accidently put his adidas hoodie in the clothing bin. The one his sisters boyfriends little brothers friends dad gave him. Although I had never seen it I just know he is telling me the truth, my Dwayne would never lie to me. He swore on his nans life. Moping in his mothers lounge room listening to Adele – someone like you, the words cutting deep as I rock back and forth, lighting up my sixth cigarette in an hour and numbing the pain with a bottle of wild turkey. The room door creeps open, it was Gaz. Gaz was Dwaynes older brother, he looked a lot like my lover but had a slightly more rugged look. His face had a clean cut goatee etched onto it with scattered stubble around his chiselled jaw. There was a scar above his right eye but you couldn’t notice it much as it was disguised by the lines he had shaved into his eyebrows. His eyes were glassy and his pupils oh so tiny. He was certainly a looker. We sat and talked about Dwayne, the baby and what I would call her. I had decided on lauramtha. It was a mixture of mine and Dwaynes mothers names Laura and Samantha. He asked about my 5 other children, Titi, Tutu, Taytay, Talula and Tommy. It upset me when I told him they were all in care, DOCS had taken them from me for letting them all go to the park at 10pm and terrorising the estate. He agreed that children aged between 2 and 8 were probably just being kids. It also gave me a break because all mothers need a break. I was sobbing , everything had become too much. Gazza comforted me....
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