50 First Dates. the Movie

Topics: 50 First Dates, Hippocampus, Anterograde amnesia Pages: 3 (799 words) Published: May 4, 2012
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The movie 50 First Dates is a romantic comedy film directed by Peter Segal. The movie is a notion of a day that keeps repeating itself. However, in this movie the recycling takes place entirely inside the mind of Lucy Whitmore played by Drew Barrymore. Barrymore plays a young woman who was in an accident that caused her to suffer from Goldfield Syndrome, a fictional form of anterograde amnesia in which each day’s events disappear from her memory overnight. This is caused by damage to the hippocampus, inside the temporal lobe, as the hippocampus controls memory functions.Furthermore,she also innocently believes every day to be the birthday of her father which happens to be the day of the accident. In order to shield her from the pain of repeatedly learning about the accident, Marlin and Lucy’s brother, re-enact the activities of Marlin’s birthday every day. The character Oola is a friend of Sandler, whom helps come up with clever ideas to help Lucy fall in love with Henry everyday. Oola is affecting his neurotransmitters by the daily use of marijuana. Marijuana works as an agonist, in this movie. Adam Sandler, a womanizing marine life veterinian whom cares for animals in an aquatic amusement park has too many sexual conquests until he realizes that he is falling in love with Lucy. Sandler, sheds his philandering ways and devises new ways to meet her again every day, hoping that one day she will retain her memories and feelings for him. He eventually convinces Marlin that hiding the truth from Lucy is worse than explaining it to her each day, so they begin to leave video tapes for her to watch each morning, explaining her situation and her relationship with Henry. Lucy also writes notes to herself in a diary. Over time, she begins to reciprocate Henry’s feelings, even accepting his marriage proposal. Lucy is surrounded by a great deal of support and love throughout her dilemma. Lucy also receives deception from her brother and father...
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