50 First Dates

Topics: 50 First Dates, The Beach Boys, A Hunting Accident Pages: 3 (969 words) Published: October 2, 2012
Most movies today, are pointless and are a waste of money, compared to how movies used to be with an interesting storyline and perhaps inspiring lesson learned. The movie, 50 First dates, is an inspiring, romantic comedy about how having hope inspires to accomplish the impossible. It stars Adam Sandler (Henry), Drew Barrymore (Lucy) and Rob Schneider (Ula). Henry is a veterinarian at Sea Life Park in Hawaii. He has a reputation of womanizing female tourists, and shows no interest in a serious relationship due to his fear of commitment. His closest friends are Ula, a marijuana smoking Islander, and Willy, his pet penguin. This paper will analyze the hope and devotion Henry has for Lucy when he finds himself having to win her heart all over again each and every day.

In the beginning of the film, Henry is ordering breakfast and he notices a beautiful girl making art with her waffles. He assumes she’s a local, therefore doesn’t introduce himself. The next day he returns, hoping to meet her. He and Lucy instantly hit it off and she asks to meet him again tomorrow morning. As Henry approaches her the next morning, Lucy shows no recollection of meeting him he day before. The restaurant owner and Lucy’s family friend Sue, explains to Henry that a year ago, Lucy and her father Marlin got into a serious accident on the way home from picking a pineapple for his birthday. The accident left her with Goldfield Syndrome, losing her short term memory. She wakes up every morning thinking it is the morning of her father’s birthday.

Despite the warning Sue had given that the café chef will come at him with the meat clever, Henry tries again, to have breakfast with Lucy. He succeeds for awhile until he accidently hurts her feelings, then follows her home to apologize. Not knowing who Henry is, Marlin and Lucy’s brother Doug, tell him there is no hope in having a future with Lucy and insist on Henry leaving her alone. Without them knowing, Henry finds different...
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