5-E Lesson: Physical Properties Can Change

Topics: Change, Physical property, Color Pages: 3 (624 words) Published: April 22, 2013
5-E Phases

What the teacher will do.

What the students will do.


Probing questions and student responses

Formative Assessment
_5 minutes
Show a piece of paper to students, then tear it in half.
Discuss how paper can change yet still remain paper.
Brainstorm with children for suggestions on how paper is changed. Accept all answers and write them on the board under the word “Physical Change”. As a class develop a working definition. Accept all suggestions for changing the paper since it is a brainstorming process. Student answers will become your Physical Property concepts. (shape, size, color, texture..)

Students will be sitting at the group tables.
Engage in introduction by answering probing questions.
Ask the students:
What is the physical state of the paper?
Is the paper a solid or a liquid?”, why? (I expect answers such as hard, firm, stays the same) What does it look like? Feel like?
How big is it?

15 minutes
Give each small group table a different object (examples: chalk, crayon, paint brush, paper cup, styrofoam cup, drop of glue, toothpicks, craft stick, paperclip). Ask students to manipulate the objects and discuss how they can change the object’s appearance. Have students identify the type of physical change.

Allow exploration. Teacher will monitor and facilitate when needed. “Praise, Prompt, leave” Students will manipulate the objects and discuss with peers changes they notice in the way their items look. Students will draw in science notebook a before and after picture of the item they are manipulating.What do you see? what changes are taking place?

What do you think is happening to the (item)?
20 minutes

Have each group present their object to the class. Write the item and its characteristics on the board and describe the changes with the class. . Correctly identify the types of changes.
Define physical change.
Students will participate...
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