5 Years Marketing Plan

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5-Year Strategic Marketing Plan
Fiscal Years 11/12 to 15/16







A committee of industry stakeholders contributed their expertise, insight and time to develop this Strategic Marketing Plan (the Brand Enrichment Plan), which will guide the California Travel & Tourism Commission’s (CTTC) efforts over the next five years. The committee appointed various subcommittees to focus on strategies for four core marketing areas that will drive CTTC’s efforts from FY 2011–12 through FY 2015–16: technology and partnership, research, domestic brand communications and international marketing. CTTC acknowledges the following Strategic Plan Task Force and subcommittee members for their hard work and dedication: STRATEGIC PLAN TASK FORCE Chair: Mike Gallagher, CityPASS, Inc. Kimberly Adams, Temecula Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau Steve Bone, Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau Andy Chapman, North Lake Tahoe Resort Association and North Lake Tahoe Visitors & Convention Bureau Sheldon Duncan, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Jon Handlery, The Handlery Union Square Hotel Marilyn Hannes, SeaWorld of California Kathy JanegaDykes, Santa Barbara Conference & Visitors Bureau and Film Commission Kerri Verbeke Kapich, San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau Tom Klein, Rodney Strong Wine Estates Patti MacJennett, LA INC. The Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau Diane Mandeville, Cannery Row Company Julie Maurer, Squaw Valley, USA Howard Pickett, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Cody Plott, Pebble Beach Company Scott Schneider, Visit Mendocino County Thomas D. See, Universal Studios Hollywood Jeff Senior, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Don Skeoch, California Academy of Sciences Matt Stiker, San Francisco Travel Association Joe Terzi, San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau John Wagnon, Heavenly Valley Limited Partnership Bob Warren, Redding Convention & Visitors Bureau SuBCOMMITTEES TECHNOLOGY & PARTNERSHIP Chair: Mike Gallagher Jeff Senior Julie Maurer Howard Pickett RESEARCH Chair: Sheldon Duncan Raza Azmi Susan Buinzeel DOMESTIC BRAND COMMuNICATIONS Chair: Julie Maurer Cody Plott Diane Mandeville Joe Terzi John Wagnon Kathy Janega-Dykes Kerri Verbeke Kapich Kimberly Adams Matt Stiker Patti MacJennett Scott Schneider Steve Bone Tom Klein INTERNATIONAL MARKETING Chair: Howard Pickett Andy Chapman Bob Warren Jon Handlery Kerri Verbeke Kapich Marilyn Hannes Thomas See

California is a place like no other, a land of abundance and opportunity—where residents and visitors alike can experience life to the fullest. This is what distinguishes California from other destinations, and it is these qualities that capture the spirit of CTTC’s Five-Year Strategic Marketing Plan—our Brand Enrichment Plan. The best and the brightest industry leaders provided invaluable assistance in creating a marketing plan that will fortify the California brand and capitalize on emerging opportunities. California’s travel and tourism industry is operating in a new landscape—driven by sustained economic challenges, evolving demographics, emerging technology and shifts in consumer travel patterns. We see this as an opportunity to strategically market California in a way that is responsive, creative and forward-thinking. The 2011– 2016 Strategic Marketing Plan is our roadmap for getting there. With the time and creativity invested by the Commission’s Strategic Planning Task Force in this plan, California’s travel and tourism industry is well positioned to ensure that the Golden State remains the premier travel destination—generating revenues that will contribute to the vitality of California. Join us as we continue the tradition of excellence and innovation that truly is the spirit of our industry and of California.

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