5 Stages of Grief

Topics: Kübler-Ross model, Denial, Grief Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Kubler-Ross Model of 5 Stages of Death
Daniel Redwood, D.C. (1995) mentioned the 5 stages of death was introduced by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in the book On Death and Dying (1956). The 5 stages of death is also known as Kubler-Ross Model. According to this model, there are 5 stages that a person will face when he or she is going through death or is about to lose someone they love or have just lost their loved ones. The 5 stages are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and the final stage is Acceptance (as citied in Elisabeth K.B., 1956). The 5 stages will be further explained as below. The first stage is ‘Denial’. In this stage, people who are about to die or have lost their loved ones will be very numb and they will find that there is no purpose in life. Besides that, during this stage, one will not be able to focus in their life and will usually lose their hope. Through being in denial, one will be able to cope and thus making survival to be possible once again. Being in the denial stage also protects them from being overwhelm with the anxiety that they are about to die or have lost their loved ones. Another important reason why one will be in this stage, is because they are unable to accept the reality that they are about to die or have lost their loved ones ( Elisabeth K.B., 1956). The second stage of death is ‘Anger’. In the ‘Anger’ stage, one will usually be feeling very angry because they got that particular sickness or because they have lost their loved ones. They feel angry because they feel it’s not fair for them to fall sick or for their loved ones to fall sick. This is mainly due to the reason of belief that they have lived a balanced and healthy life. Therefore, they should not easily fall sick and face death. During this stage, the person will usually have a targeted person to release their anger. Usually, the person who is facing death due to some terminal illness will release their anger towards the doctor who is...
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