5 Senses Essay

Topics: Light, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Explosion Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: September 29, 2010
As I woke up the first rays of light and warmth were rising out of the darkness and lighting up the countryside. A thick fog hung in the air; it was so thick I could barely see twenty metres in front of my eyes. It was almost like the fog was choking the sky. The birds were still chirping and chattering as the wind blew through the leaves on the tree. The ground was extremely barren and rugged except for one lonely tree. There were corpses scattered and spread all over the ground, it looked like the bodies were etched into the soil. There were blood thirsty vultures feeding on the remains of some of them. This gave me an awful chill up my spine. At least none of the corpses there were ours, we had buried them already. The day had just begun but I knew it was going to be another long and tough one. I glanced over to my left, where I saw my captain shouting to wake everybody up for the strenuous battle ahead. I could see the fear in everybody’s eyes as they moved about and I could sense how tense they all were. We ate our breakfast pretty much straight away but I wasn’t too excited about that though. We had oats again which were so bland. I tried to tell my brain that they were tasty but that had no chance of working. Just thinking about oats made me feel sick again. It didn’t matter anyway we couldn’t seem to eat the oats even if we wanted to because we were so nervous. Breakfast was over and it was now time to mentally prepare for the battle ahead. BANG! BANG! BOOM! ARGHH! All of a sudden explosions were going off everywhere around us. It sounded like a New Years Eve firework show at Sydney Harbour Bridge I had once been to. One massive explosion after another flying through the air, exploding with the biggest flash of light then an enormous bang. By now the adrenaline had kicked in and we were sprinting for our guns. Already there was blood spilt all over the ground, even my ears were ringing from the force of the explosions. This had all happened in less than...
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