5 Paragraph Personal Narrative Journey

Topics: Water, Spring, Walkie-talkie Pages: 3 (816 words) Published: February 24, 2011
To There and Back

Set off in search of a place. Not just any place, but a place said to be everyone's hopes and wishes. My friend, Homer, and I were out on our journey.
It was just my friend and I in the woods. I took everything I needed for my trip, not knowing how long it would take. We packed a knife, matches, sleeping bag, water proof gear, a tent, pots and pans, walkie talkies, money, food, water, summer gear, winter gear, a GPS, and a dog.

It was midsummer so it was warm outside. We are traveling through mountainous woods. Up top a ridge, we could see nothing besides the sea of evergreens that extended out off into the horizon. The red colors of the leaves reminded me of the maple trees that used to be outside of my house. I remember looking at the valley below and seeing a faint glimmer, as if there were a lake. So we continued on in that direction.

The floor of the forest was damp. There were some moss covered stones that laid in clusters, as if someone piled them there on purpose. Some rocks were rough and sharp as broken glass, others, smooth as a new baby's skin. Red and gray they created a unique look to the forest. They ranged in size from the smallest pebble, to the largest bolder. They lay loose so we used precaution when we descended into the valley below. We continue on because we both know that ahead of us was water. After a long hike, we finally reached the body of water. Bigger than a pond, but smaller than a lake, it was fed by a natural spring. Crystal clear and glistening from the sun, it was a place of extreme beauty. I decided that we would stop and rest here. Then Homer turned to me and said, "This place is beautiful. I can't believe that nobody is living here. There must be something wrong with this place... It's too perfect!" Then I replied, "Well maybe there are, we just didn't find them yet. But I do...
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